DESPAR Dolomiti
in the heart of Ortisei



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Current opening hours:
Mo. - sa. 8.15 – 19.15 h
*SU. (High Season)
10.00 – 13.15 & 16.00 – 19.15

Telephone: +39 0471 786 189

Despar Dolomiti, the supermarket that is happy to be perceived as a traditional supermarket.

A special team aims to give a unique touch to this store in the heart of Ortisei, not just due to cleanliness and friendliness, but instead also due to a well-thought-out range, including freshness in abundance and a good measure of South Tyrolean and Northern Italian products, organic products and other delicacies.


...from 1951 onwards

Despar Dolomiti

The "cinema house" was constructed in 1948, shortly after the end of World War II. A boarding house (Pensione Centrale), the Bank of Trento and Bolzano and Cinema Dolomiti were accommodated there after the construction phase, which lasted approximately 3 years. The idea of the founder Franz Comploj dl Pizuela (* 1906 + 1958) was very visionary and involved a good deal of work. Cinema Dolomiti was run by the same lessee from 1951 until 2011, i.e. 60 years.

It was a successful cinema, the cinema for all Ortisei’s residents.

Despar Dolomiti

Technological progress in private households and other external factors resulted in an ever-dwindling number of cinema visitors over the decades; thus, the decision was made to give the property a completely new direction.
Ideas ranged from a “shop in shop concept”, via an alehouse, to a discotheque and culminated in a restaurant and bistro, until it became clear that a small, but exquisite village store was the best decision. We want a successful village store, the village store for all Ortisei’s residents.

Despar Dolomiti


St. Ulrich


This shop, which performs a very important local supply function in the heart of Ortisei’s pedestrian area, may be understood as a completely traditional supermarket. A conventional supermarket evokes visions of crowds, queues, hectic rush and tension. Our aim is to change that.


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This supermarket’s aim and reason for existence is to be a village store and to offer an alternative to the present shopping facility and local supply due to cleanliness, friendliness and fresh products, including farm products originating from Val Gardena and South Tyrol.


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The vision is that of a dynamic shop, which is distinguished by its spruceness, its product quality and the down-to-earth mentality of its employees.

Val Gardena

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Everyone is welcome – we attach great importance to pedestrians who help to breathe new identity and life into the village centre on a daily basis.


Work Team


The fortunate teaming up with Manager Theo Mahlknecht, a down-to-earth, nature-aware man from Völs am Schlern, significantly contributed towards the decision to transform the previous Cinema Dolomiti into a grocery store.
Theo, a well-known face to most residents of Val Gardena, successfully managed the Despar Supermarket at the end of Ortisei for several years. A new challenge now beckons him: to breathe a soul into the village centre store.


Theo’s passion for groceries has always been an intrinsic part of him and he attaches great importance to friendliness, cleanliness and efficiency.
He pays special attention to teamwork, customer contact and product presentation.
At his side is a loyal team selected with great precision and care, which assists and advises the manager in his project and helps him to realise it according to plan.
If you would like to apply for a job, please write to the e-mail address


CONTACT St. Ulrich

Despar Dolomiti

Despar Dolomiti
Manager: Theo Veit Mahlknecht
Reziastraße, 46
39046 St. Ulrich (Bz) / pedestrian zone
Telephone: +39 0471 786 189
Fax: +39 0471 789 380

Free parking spaces

Of course, we’ve also thought of those valued customers who don’t walk into the village and prefer to take their cars with them instead.
CENTRAL Garage in Ortisei,
300 metres away, free parking spaces.
14 parking spaces have been leased in the Central Garage, which can be used as free parking while shopping in the Despar Dolomiti Supermarket. The parking voucher is obtained by showing the parking ticket at the checkout: this voucher counts for 3 hours.
Example: if you enter the garage at e.g. 9 am, you can park for free until 12 am.
Attention: if you are to leave the garage only after the 3 hours, all hours will be charged and there are no free hours. So try to leave before the 3 hours expire!
The Central Garage is located approx. 300 metres (about 1,000 feet) away from the supermarket.


The following offer more parking subject to a charge:

PIAZZA SAN ANTONIO parking spaces,
Approx. 70 metres (about 200 feet) away

Approx. 70 metres (about 200 feet) away

Approx. 100 metres (about 300 feet) away

PANA Garage,
Approx. 200 metres (about 600 feet) away

Despar Dolomiti, per la jënt dl luech!